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Yash Engineering

YASH Reductiion Gear-Boxes are of robust construction, are manufactured in “adoptable” (‘YNU’ Series) as well as “Horizontal & Vertical “ fix foot mounted type.

In addition to that we manufacture “Worm Geared Motor” & “Hollow Output Gearbox” to suits customer’s specific requirements.

We have introduced unique “Fit & Forget” series of gearboxes in C.I. casting body with taper roller bearings, with factory filled synthetic grease for long lasting lubrication & higher efficiency.

The Company’s products are well accepted all over India and abroad in all sectors like, pharmaceuticals, plastics, food industries, packaging , road construction, marble, chemicals, conveyors, effluent treatment plants, etc.

Standard gearboxes are available in various sizes ranging from 28.5mm [1.125 inch] center distance to 400mm [16.00 inch] center distance and ratios are available from 5:1 to 70:1 in single reduction, and higher ratios available in double reduction units ranging from 100:1 to 4900:1. Wider choice of models are available to suit your specific requirement. [Drawings are given in this catalogue.]

Where ever applicable British as well as Indian standards are used. The design standards are mainly based on B.S.-721.

Made of close grained cast iron, and of mono block body designed up to 8.00” center Height In “YNU” Models, Gear case is completely oil tight & dust proof. Gear case is of stream lined design and modern in appearance. The faces and bores are accurately machined on precision horizontal boring machine to achieve perfect alignment.

Worm wheels are made of sand or centrifugally cast phosphor-bronge [pb2-c] rims shrink fitted and screwed on cast-iron centers. Worm wheels are accurately hobbed on precision imported hgobbing machine with highly accurate hobs. Each worm wheel is checked to match with mater Worm to ensure interchangeability.

Worm is integral with the shaft, made of high grade alloy steel, is case hardened & “profile Ground “ on imported thread grinding machine [Klingelnbege-Germany].

In general, worm & worm wheel shaft are mounted on anti-friction taper roller bearing of ample capacity to take journal as well as thrust loads, other type of bearings can be used for special application.

The wheel shaft is made of high-grade alloy steel and of larger diameter to carry torsional as well as bending and overhung load.

Lubrication is done by splash of oil from the sump to all rotating parts, lubrication is positive to either direction and at any speed of rotation, no special attention is necessary except periodic checking of oil level. A large filler cum breather plug together with oil level indicator and drain plug is provided.

  • In “Fit & Forget” series no special no special attention is required except leakage checking.
  • Warning : Do not open or mix conventional grease or oil with synthetic lubricants, it may damage the properties of synthetic lubricants.

Large cooling fins are provided on all sides of body for sufficient cooling. For sizes over 3.00 inch centre distance, fan & fan cover is provided for extra cooling & better efficiency.

All gearboxes are tested up to 5 hours on no load to check oil leakage, noise level & temperature.